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Burnout To Balance





Feeling overwhelmed, frustrated,

and stressed out everyday?

​This program is designed to help you go from feeling stressed, exhausted, and moody to focused, energetic, and calm armed with tools for resiliency.
Is This You?
Do you find yourself on a merry go round of reactivity and unable to find a calmer state?

Do you feel guilty and stuck in the way you're communicating with your children, spouse, or coworkers and your relationships are suffering?

Do you recognize anxiety is turning everyday activities and tasks into a struggle and aren't experiencing joy daily?

Do you feel as though you're inadequately showing up for life, you know you can do better, but are unsure of what changes to make?

Are you feeling stress in parts of your life but  unaware of how they are impacting you physically, mentally, and emotionally?

Do you know it's possible to enjoy more joy, balance, and calm, but can't identify why you're not feeling your best or how to start feeling better?

Are you unsure of why your sleep has suffered despite being tired all the time ?

Are you eating healthy but know your diet could use improvement and want to learn how to use food as medicine to improve digestion?

Suffering from brain fog and struggling to complete tasks?

Are you experiencing physical symptoms of a hormone imbalance but unsure of next steps to take?

 Burnout To Balance

Will empower you with the tools and resources to get into a healing state and will have a lasting impact on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. 

What if....

You could enjoy taking care of your family as much as you once did?

You were able to eliminate anxiety for good and reclaim motivation?

You could accomplish more throughout the day and do it with ease and excitement?

You understood how food may be impacting your energy levels and use food as medicine?

You could reduce stress levels to improve your mood and strengthen your relationships?

You woke up each morning after a quality night of sleep, feeling refreshed and well rested?

Burnout To Balance
Is For You If....


You are ready to recognize and remove unhealthy patterns and stress responses that are keeping you in a cycle of stress, anxiety and fatigue.


You want to regulate and restore your nervous system so that you're no longer reacting to stress and anxiety in ways you once were and are able to navigate life in a calm and confident way.


You are eager to replenish and rejuvenate your spirit, so you're not just surviving, but thriving and able to power through the day with focus and energy.

Program launching again in Summer 2023

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What People Are Saying...

Dr. Kelly is just SO knowledgeable, she truly knows the content inside and out and how to apply it to the individual. I am so much more aware and see where my habits and routines were impacting my ability to have more balance. I feel equipped with a roadmap for how to transition my lifestyle to better support my needs and toolbox for when things go off track. PRICELESS. Thank you!!!

Kelly N, CT

How It Works...


Plus These Bonuses...

Seeds of Health Practices
Non Sleep Deep Rest (NSDR) 
Yoga Practices
Breathing Exercises
Vagus Nerve Exercises
Non Violent Communication Resources
Body Scan Exercise
Somatic Experiencing Exercises
Sleep Diary & Handout
Lymph Massage Instruction
Emotional Regulation & Resiliency Tools
Trauma and PTSD Education 
Gut Reset Plan
Tips to Create a Natural Medicine Cabinet
Individualized reading recommendations
HeartMath Breathwork


Hi, I'm Dr. Kelly!

I'm Dr. Kelly Livingston, a Licensed Naturopathic Physician, Speaker, Industry Leader in Gut-Brain Health, and Nervous System Regulation Expert.  


I help stressed and burnt-out humans reset their nervous system, heal their guts, balance their hormones, and increase their energy and focus. 

After the last decade of seeing patients in my private practice, and last two decades in the health and wellness field, I created Burnout To Balance. Many patients coming into my office weren't aware of what their nervous system was.  They also had no awareness of how it dictates many of our bodily functions, both voluntary and involuntary. 

It had become abundantly clear that health is simple.  As a root cause medicine expert, it has been my experience that chronic disease is primarily caused by STRESS and INFLAMMATION.  Additionally, our Nervous System needs to be balanced in order for us to be in a state to truly heal.  I have often found a balanced nervous system to be the missing piece to a chronic health puzzle after many attempts at healing. 


Burnout To Balance is a 12 module online group program where I'll guide you through a curriculum that will provide the knowledge and tools to transform your health, change your state of mind, and reclaim your experience as a human to feel like yourself again...Only better!


I would love for you to join me!


With Love & Gratitude,Join 

Dr. Kelly

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