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Naturopathic Services


Areas of Expertise


Women's Health, Chronic Viral Infections (EBV, Long Haul), Autoimmune Disease, Depression and Anxiety, Pediatrics (including ADHD and Autism), Neurological and Neurodegenerative Conditions, Skin Conditions, Cardiovascular Health, Gatrointestinal Issues, Allergies, Endocrine/Hormonal imbalances, Integrative Oncology, Addiction Support, Chronic Pain, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Sleep Disturbances and Fatigue, Wellness Plans, Acute Illness Care and Prevention


Any condition can benefit from naturopathic medicine.  If you want to optimize your health, have yet to find relief from a chronic condition, or have an acute issue, Dr. Livingston can help. Over the last 10 years in practice, the conditions listed above have been the ones most commonly treated. We see complex, chronic conditions, so please reach out if you have a diagnosis you are confused by. Dr. Livingston works as a Health Strategist for patients with complex diagnoses. 




Clinical Nutrition and Individualized Diet/Lifestyle Counseling, Botanical/Herbal Medicine, Vitamin/Mineral Supplementation, Food Sensitivity Testing, Functional Medicine including Neurotransmitter, Heavy Metal, and Mineral Status Testing, Mold testing, Stress Management, Homeopathy, Craniosacral Therapy, Detoxification and Cleansing, Reiki, Naturopathic Manipulation, Counseling, Hydrotherapy, Biofeedback, Guided Imagery, Biotherapeutic Drainage, SAFE AND SOUND PROTOCOL, HeartMath, Trauma informed yoga


Dr. Livingston treats each and every patient as a unique being, and designs your treatment plan based on your specific needs.  The modalities utilized will depend on you, and where you are on your healing journey.


What to Expect


Your first office visit is up to 1 hour long.  During this time, Dr. Livingston will obtain information regarding your past medical history, your current health concerns and health goals, as well as your diet and lifestyle habits.  She will go over any labs you have recently had done and any supplements and/or medications you are currently taking.  New laboratory tests may be ordered, and an individualized treatment protocol will be created as needed.  Follow-up visits last 30-60 minutes.  Dr. Livingston will go over any new lab results, and check in to see how your treatment plan is going.  Acute office visits are available for 15-30 minutes once you are an established patient, as well as phone consultations and video call visits for those unable to make it to the office.   It is Dr. Livingston's goal to make you comfortable and meet you where you are on your healing journey. Please do not hesitate to call with any questions or concerns. 

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