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                                  What are patients saying about Dr. Kelly Livingston?  

Despite all of the “professionals” who suggested medication for my teenage daughter’s health issues, I was determined to try natural methods first. I didn’t want to risk her suffering from medication side effects, and I don’t like mainstream medicine’s focus on treating symptoms when we were looking for a cure.

Dr. Livingston’s protocol (including dietary changes and natural supplements as well as visualization and other mind/body practices) began turning things around within a week, and her symptoms have kept on improving ever since. My daughter is feeling so much better – inside and out. And she loves working with Dr. Livingston, who is so warm and welcoming. Dr. Livingston brought back my daughter’s smile and laughter…and mine, too!


- Patient's Mother. Stamford, CT

I had been suffering from allergies for many years.  I began seeing Dr. Livingston before allergy season, and this was the first season I have ever not suffered from allergies.  I have been able to enjoy getting outside with my family, and enjoying the outdoors for the first time in years.  I have sent a number of my friends and family to see Dr. Livingston, and have heard nothing but good things back.


You are in good hands with her.  She will explain everything to you, and get to the root cause of your issues.


- BD. Norwalk, CT




I decided to visit Dr. Livingston because I have suffered from GI issues all of my adult life.  Kelly figured out that I had a sensitivity to foods that I was eating daily.  After eliminating the foods, and following her protocol for healing my gut, I was a new woman!


I am now able to "cheat" once in a while, and not have the repercussions I once had.


I can enjoy eating again, and have a new respect for what I am putting in my body.


I also have used her for acute sinus infections, and have been happy to not have to resort to antibiotics.


- LM. Darien, CT

I visited many allopathic doctors for my child's G/I issues.  While each of them had valuable insight and input relative to their area of expertise, there was no collective health manager who could 'connect the dots' to try to understand the underlying reasons for these problems.  Too quickly, we were offered traditional medications which seemed at the time to be unnecessary, especially when we did not understand the root cause of the digestive issues.  Dr. Livingston offered an alternative approach which was to learn what the underlying cause was, rather than go straight to treating the symptoms.   She calmly yet deliberately embarked upon a thoughtful, thorough evaluation that included lab work, food sensitivity and elimination programs, and physical and emotional adjustments that together have brought our child to a significantly improved state of health.  To complement her vast health knowledge, she is authentically compassionate and dedicated to her patients.  - Patient's Mother. Westport, CT

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